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What it costs to become a Freemason? Is it expensive? Will I be able to afford it?
Keep reading as you may find it costs less than you think. Firstly, let us dispel the myth that you have to be well-off to become a
Freemason. Absolutely not true.

What happens if you decide you’d like to consider joining the Sutton Court Lodge?

There is an initial interview process that you will be asked to participate in. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too strenuous. This is a two-
stage process, initially carried out in a relaxed congenial atmosphere, usually by the Membership Secretary, over a drink and a
light snack.

This is where the relationship begins. You will have explained what Freemasonry all is about, and likewise for you to tell us why
you want to join Sutton Court Lodge. There is no commitment at this stage. This will take upwards of an hour, and you will be
asked to go away and give it some thought. We never pressure any applicant to make a commitment on the spot, rather to ensure
they arrive at the decision that’s right for them.

If you decide to go ahead and wish to join us, great, we will then arrange a more formal interview with a small panel of 4-5 senior
Brethren. Don’t worry, it may be formal but it’s friendly, so just be yourself. If your happy to proceed in joining, you will be asked to
complete a form and a member of the panel will propose you and another second you.

This process from start to finish can take about 6 months, where, during this time, the Membership Secretary will keep in regular
contact with you so you both get to know each other, and that you feel comfortable to move onto the second stage. You can
withdraw your application at any time if you change your mind.

What is it going to cost me, and am I able to afford it?
This is not an unusual question, and one we encourage you to ask.
Unlike some Lodges, at Sutton Court, we waiver some of the up-front fees when you join. We don’t charge any one-off fee for
joining or the registration fee to Grand and Provincial Grand Lodge. This immediately gives you a benefit of almost £200.00. 

What are the annual subscriptions of Sutton Court Lodge?
At  Sutton Court we have a range of annual membership fees to cover most  circumstances. 
Sutton Court Lodge 7826 has taken the unusual step in completely revising its fee structure to encourage younger people and
students to join Freemasonry and in particular Sutton Court Lodge. Our new fees for 2020-21 starting 1st June are as follows:
Full Membership, inc. 4no dining - £260.00 per year
Country Members – excluding dining £160.00 per year
Under 25’s - £200.00 per year, passing on the reduced rates payable to UGLE and PGLM, and including 4no dining 
Student Fees - £150.00 per year with 2no dining included
Dining fees for Country members and Guests remain unaltered at £30.00 per meal including wine

Paying fees has never been simpler and is designed to give members as many options as possible and spread the cost
over the year.
You can pay by BACS transfer in one sum at the beginning of the Lodge year (1st June) or regular monthly standing
orders on a date agreed with the treasurer. If you wish, you may pay by cheque on or around the 1st June each year.
We still accept good old-fashioned cash as an alternative

I don’t live in Middlesex, am I still able to join Sutton Court Lodge?
Where you choose to live is not an issue.

Our membership is spread across the UK, from Lancashire to Norfolk, from Northampton to Gloucester. However more of our
members live within easy an easy drive or commute to Cole Court (which is about 400 metres from Twickenham main line station)
and live in Middlesex, Surrey, Sussex, and the Greater London area.

Joining Sutton Court doesn’t mean you have to live in or around Twickenham. You just need to consider your travelling to our four
meetings during the year and regular Lodge of Instruction (LOI) meetings usually held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each
month. More recently we have been holding regular weekly ZOOM meetings so everyone, including joining members can keep in
contact. This is a great way to make new friends and build lasting relationships.

                        You’ve read this far – Still interested in joining Freemasonry?
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